Art Salon showing paintings by Odey Curbelo

Yesterday we had a very nice afternoon art salon at my home. This is the first salon and I’m happy to have the Danish-based Cuban painter Odey Curbelo inaugurating this new recurring art event.

Most of the paintings we showed Tuesday 5th of April are conceptually connected to Odey Curbelo’s solo show at SNYK- Skive Ny Kunstmuseum in November 2011. The director of the museum, Rasmus Vestergaard, attended the salon and spoke briefly about why Odey Curbelo’s productions are of interest to his museum. Else Marie Bukdahl, former director of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, was of course also invited, since it was she who, in 2004, met Odey Curbelo in Cuba and encouraged him to continue his artistic career in Denmark.

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