My work is grounded in connecting people from different cultures, professions and disciplines and reflects a strong understanding of both the practical and conceptual aspects of art.

I hold a MA in Art and Theory from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Just after graduating in 2008, I started working for the U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art, where I was responsible for the production of works by artists such as Köken Ergun, Dora Garcia, Irina Korina, Hélio Oiticica and Roi Vaara.

In 2010 I established TIJANA MISKOVIC, my own platform for art production, curating and art consultancy. Within this framework I have been collaborating with a number of Danish-based artists with different cultural backgrounds and involved in international events such as the 54th Liverpool Biennial/City States 2012, Venice Biennial, Manifesta 8 and important exhibition venues in Denmark like Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art and Den Frie – Centre of Contemporary Art.

In recent years I have been working as Academic Research Project Coordinator at The The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – Visual Schools, organizing publication of art theory books and seminars on art, theory and politics.

I have been a Member of The Danish Society of Visual Artists for years and recently I also became a Board member at The Nordic Artists’ Centre Dale.

During the second half of 2013 I took part of residency program and curatorial research at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in New York.

Relevant links to my projects and collaborations:

www.tijanamiskovic.com (My curating and art production projects)

goodworkproductions (My collaboration with GOOD WOORK Productions; an organisation working to improve urban atmosphere and do projects, mainly in public space, which by the use of art affect themselves, interpersonal relations, society and the universe in a positive way.)

www.cubannordicartcurrent.wordpress.com (CNAC; my initiative to promote a dynamic artistic exchange between Cuba and the Nordic countries.)

www.facebook.com/theartdelegation (my involvement in The Art Delegation; an artist group, research media and an art movement of non-Danish artists active in Denmark)