Born 1982

MA in Art and Theory (Graduated at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008) with a supplementary semester at Cand.Merc.- Aesthetic Leadership at Copenhagen Business School, Centre for Art and Leadership in 2005)


  • CuratingMore than 10 years of experience
    Curatorial research, studio visits, exhibition concept development and dealing with artworks. Establishment of the contact and mediation between artists and exhibition venues.
  • Project Leadership – More than 10 years of experience
    Full strategy development for productions of artworks and exhibitions. Project organization, including time- and budget frameworks as well as maintenance of related collaborations and partnerships.
  • Fundraising – More than 10 years of experience
    Development of tailor-made applications and fundraising strategies primarily for art and culture related projects based on relevant regional-, state- and private funds as well as sponsorships.
  • Art Advisement More than 5-years of experience
    Giving professional advises for purchasing of artworks, integration of contemporary art in other professional sectors, and international/intercultural collaborations. Reports development based on analytic, systematic and/or theoretic research.
  • Communication and marketing – More than 5-years of experience
    Text writing and design of presentation material. Development of both on-line and off-line marketing strategies, systematic marketing monitoring and adaptation.

Curriculum Vitae – Tijana Miskovic


Tijana Mišković
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