Debate led by Kristina Grünenberg


Kristina Grünenberg (*1967)

Kristina Grünenberg works as an Associate Professor at the department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

From the early 1990s until 2007 her research, as well as practical work, focused on the conditions of exile of Bosnian refugees in Denmark, as well as the constructions of home and senses of belonging in the contexts of war- and post-war BiH. From this research she published her PhD dissertation entitled: “Is Home where the Heart is or where I Hang my Hat; Constructing Senses of Belonging among Bosnian Refugees in Denmark”, as well as other scholarly work. Kristina is still engaged in, gives lectures, and writes on these topics, although she has supplemented her research with other fields of research since.


Kristina Grünenberg will lead the debate on Monday, August 19th from 16.00-16.45 during the seminar “Looking for another space of belonging”

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