Three-year PhD Scholarship Award

Three-year PhD Scholarship Award

Thanks to Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Mads Øvlisen PhD Scholarship for Practice-Based research I will spend the next 3 years as PhD fellow at SMK- The National Gallery of Denmark and University of Copenhagen, working on a project with the following working title: “THE ART OF DIASPORA – The diasporic inbetweenness, analysed through artworks created by artists from former Yugoslavia, who live in Denmark”

A lay summary of the PhD project:

Since 2000, Yugoslavian artists have been part of the Danish art scene; still their artworks are driven by a necessity to express about topics that go beyond the Danish context; such as war, migration and exile. My hypothesis is that their artworks are created in “the diasporic inbetweenness“ – a stage of displacement, which affects the artists’ approach to subjectivity, cultural identity and political contexts.

By combining analyses of artworks and new curatorial models with theoretic research, in both art and cultural history, this project aims to to answer following questions: How are the artworks created in “the diasporic inbetweenness“ contributing to the expansion of the notion of belonging and national identity? and How to develop new curatorial models, which can embrace the diaspora condition and the complexity of bicultural identity?

Supervisor: Tea Sindbæk Andersen , Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen (ToRS -Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies)

Co-supervisor: Anne Ring Petersn, Professor at University of Copenhagen, IKK (Department of Arts and Cultural Studies)

Contact person at SMK – National Gallery of Denmark: Camilla Jalving, Deputy Director of Collections, Research and Conservation